Model U2 A
1/12th Scale Glider
48" X 80"

Semi-kit and Plans Were Gotten Here
But, I dont know If He's Still Around

A Reference always helps
Revel 1/48 Scale U2

Some Ot The Steps

Horizontal Stabilizer:

Notice how the bottom is flush
with the outer frame.
Make frame first,
Then, set in bottom.

Notice the little gusset blocks.
Also, the spars dont fill the cavity,
but that doesnt really matter.

We made the stabilizer out of
Solid Trailing Edgs
"See details below"

This will be cut in half

The Finished Stabilizer

The Finished Stabilizer and elevators

Verticle Stabilizer:

The Finished Verticle Stabilizer


The Fuselage Begins

Starting To Take Shape

Starting To Look Like Something


We got Foam Cores Cut for the Wings
It Takes a lot of Tape
And lots of blocks
To hold the skin
tight to the cores

Sullivan Control Cables

Covered Wings

Adding The Flaps And Airons
Image comming


Starting to Come Togeather.
Note the Building Platform Used
To Level and Square Up the Wings
To The Fuselage.

48" long 80" wings

Ellen's Not Real Small
She's Dwarft By The U2

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